Portfolio Q&A

My job is in the future I am applying for a religious teaching job at the Univerisity of North Carolina. I wasnt sure how to compose the proposal for this?


Audience and Purpose

The audience could be believers of god and the nonbelievers. The first theory I found was evolution against naturalism. I chose to use pictures of evolutionary trees and naturalism cartoon for my genre pieces.

Chapter 4

In this chapter it talks about conducting research and writing to an audience. It says that the writing process is a process and it takes time. After you finishing writing you have to revise your sentences and think about how you want to convey your message.

Chapter 3

In this chapter it talks about sponsors of literacy. This means that a person influences the way that you write in a positive way . For example your father teaching you how to write. Using these people could make your paper more believable or help you argue a point.

Chapter 2

When constructing your essay be sure to plan what you are writing. Brainstorm different ideas. Make a first draft , reread what you have written and then fix any errors.  Then you should revise your second draft .Always try to grab your audience and make it persuasive or argumentative. Using different perspectives always gives readers different views on a subject.

Chapter 1

In this chapter it talks about plagiarism and talks about having originality in your papers.It teaches you how to use sources correctly. Errors can be easily avoided if you take the time to recheck how you structure your sentences and check that you do not  have any grammar issues. When writing sentences be sure to construct meaning in what you are saying. Make sure you read things carefully and  get the actual meaning of what the text is saying.

My Birthday Weekend

I had a very busy birthday weekend. On Friday, at 7:30 am, I woke up and drove to Denver to get my tire alignment done. Then once I got home I spent the rest of the day doing homework. On Sat at 9:30 am I got my hair dyed, cut and straightened. I also got my eyebrows waxed. Saturday night I went and hung out with my family. On Sunday I came back home (sunday was my birthday). I ate dinner with my family and just lounged around. Overall I had a good weekend. Hope next year is a great.